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Guion-Miller Index - Applicants Interviews:

Abner Perk Smitherman:

"I live near East Bend.  I am 78 years of age and was born near the Yadkin River, about 4 miles from East Bend and have lived in Yadkin County all of my life.

My wife was a Truelove, and her grandfather was a Poindexter.  Her grandfather's name was J.G. Poindexter.  My wife was Sallie Truelove, and were both about 35 at the time of our marriage.  Her father was Austin Truelove, and her mother was Pattie Poindexter.  

I have never seen Patsie Poindexter, that I know of.  I knew her father, J.G. Poindexter, quite well.  He was close to 80 years of age when he died in 1863.  I had known him ever since I was a little boy. If I mistake not, he was an uncle of Pleasant H Poindexter.  I think I have heard J.G. Poindexter speak of his mother,
Bettie Pledge Poindexter and his grandmother.   J.G. Poindexter passed in this community as a White man.  I do not know that I ever heard him speak of having Indian blood.  I do not remember ever hearing him speak of being descended from an Indian chief.  

I first heard that the Poindexters had Indian blood when I was a little fellow. Some of the old folks spoke of it.  Peggie Ann Baker is dead, having died a little over a year ago.  She was the mother of Jno. William P. Baker, and the daughter of John G Poindexter, and, therefore, sister of my wife's mother.  

I have never seen but two or three Indians in my life, and never heard of any tribe living in this country in my lifetime. The Indians I saw were with a show.  I have never heard where Bettie Pledge Poindexter came from originally.  

J.W. Smitherman is my oldest son, and has filed a claim in this office.  T.A. Smitherman, my second son, J.A. Smitherman, R.A. Smitherman are my boys.  Sarah Milner Poindexter, Ellen Lucinda Wall, and Mattie Patterson are my daughters, and all of my children live at or near East Bend."

Signed: A.P. Smitherman, East Bend, N.C. Mar 25, 1908

Source:  Extract of the Rejected Applications of the Guion Miller Roll of the Eastern Cherokee, Vol. I