native american records

Pleasant Poindexter

Q. State your name, age, and residence.
A.  My name is Pleasant Poindexter; I am 71 years old this 7th day of March past; My residence is East Bend, Yadkin County, North Carolina.  I was born in Surry County, North Carolina where I now live.  Born there and raised there and spent my life there.
Q. Who were your mother and father?
A.  My father was Robert Alexander Poindexter.  He was married twice.  My mother's maiden name was Charlotte Martin.
Q.  Do you claim any Indian blood through your mother?
A.  No Sir
Q.  She was a white woman?  
A.  Yes Sir; she was a white woman.
Q.  Who were the parents of your father?
A.  Thomas Poindexter and Betty Pledge Poindexter
Q.  When was your father born?
A.  My father was born July the 14th, 1788
Q.  Where was he born and where did he live?
A.  He was born right the other side of my house about 150 yards;  he was born and raised there and lived around in little cabins until the old folks gave away.
Q.  He lived in Surry County?
A.  Yes, Sir; right close to there on his father's premises.

Q.  Do you claim any Indian Blood through your grandfather, Thomas Poindexter?
A.  No, Sir; none at all.

Q.  He was a white man?
A.  Yes, Sir; he was a white man.  His grandfather was a Frenchman; at least I have been raised that way, from reading books of religious history.

Q.  Your Indian blood you claim through Betty Pledge Poindexter, do you not?
A.  Through Betty Pledge Poindexter and my father.

Q.  That line?
A.  Yes, sir.

Q.  Do you know where Betty Pledge Poindexter was born?
A.  I think she was born in Virginia

Q.  Did you know her personally?
A.  No, Sir

Q.  When did she die?
A.  She died February 29, 1816.

Q.  How old was she at the time of her death?
A.   I could not find her age

Q.  Did you ever hear whether or not she had any brothers or sisters?
A.  Well, now, I have heard it from my uncle,over and over again, but I do not recollect the names from him, but I do n ot doubt but what I have heard

Q.  Did you ever hear of a Frank Pledge?
A.  Yes, Sir

Q.  What, if any, relation was he to Betty Pledge Poindexter?
A.  He was  - I heard it within 12 or 15 months, from an older person than myself, but a younger generation.  He was a brother to Betty Pledge Poindexter.  It was through cousin Martha Sharp that I heard it.  She lives in East Bend.