joseph franklin smitherman 

Joseph F. Smitherman, 66, welll known to Stockton book lovers for more than 20 years, died in Saratoga Thursday, after an illness.

Smitherman left here five months ago after two paralytic strokes forced him to close his last book store at 114 South San Joaquin street.  He has been living at the home of his brother-in-law, Henry Beesom, in Saratoga.

Coming to Stockton 30 years ago, from Alabama, Smitherman spent several years as a grading contractor, and installed many irrigation systems in this district.

Twenty-two years ago, with Tom Weatherbee, Smitherman opened the Harvard Book Store in the Harvard Hotel Building.  He later sold his interest and opened a new business.  Since that he has operated stores in six different places in the business district.

He is survivied by his widow, Salispa Smitherman, who has been with him at Saratoga, and a daughter, Mrs. Mary Louise Ridley, of Tracy.

The last store, at 114 South San Joaquin street, has bene operated by J.H. Dickerson since Smitherman retired five months ago.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 o'clock this morning from the Park View Cemetery chapel.  Committal will be at Park View Cemetery.  Friends are invited to attend services.