william andrew smitherman

William Andrew Smitherman, son of David and Sarah Smitherman, was born near East Bend, N.C. January 17th 1858, departed this life Dec 23rd 1916, aged 58 years, 11 months and 6 days.

He was united in marriage to Sarah M Joyner, Nov 16, 1879.  To this union were born seven children, three girls and four boys, all of whom are living and these together with a loving companion and five brothers and four sisters are left to mourn his loss.

All of his earlier life was spent in North Carolina until about twenty years ago when he and his family came to Indiana.  In the year 1908, the family moved to Kansas where they resided until 1914, when they again returned to Indiana, where his last days were spent.

He was of a quiet, retiring disposition and spoke in a few words his deeper thoughts and emotions.  He was converted at the age of twenty-one, while alone with God amid the stillness of God's first temple, peace came to his heart.  He soon joined the Methodist Protestant Church, where he was a member until about twenty two years ago when he joined the Friends Church where he remained a loyal member until his death.

Some years after his conversion, he felt God calling him to a deeper consecration and like Paul of old, he was obedient to the heavenly vision and dedicated his life wholly to God.  As a result of this consecration he erected a family altar which stands today as a living monument to his faithfulness and eternity alone will reveal the influence of this personal devotion to home and family.  Around this sacred altar his prayers often ended with these words: "May we live such perfect lives upon this earth that when this life is over we make a united family in Heaven."

How well do we remember the last public testomony of our departed brother, only a few weeks ago when he referred to the song which had especially appealed to him, as his experience and said he loved to tell the story of Jesus and His Love.

Although his death came as a shock to us all, yet, what a star of hope shines in this time of gloom, darkness and death.  He was ready for the summons.  While we are mourning here are we ready?  We cannot call him back.  We may mourn for him.  We may mourn for the sad misfortune that has befallen us.  But what is our loss, is his gain.  It is better to be "absent from the body and present with the Lord".  Shall we join him in that blessed land?

It is not how we die.  It is not where we die. At the worst it may be the sudden shock of a few minutes and all will be over, and we enter upon eternal joy, joy for evermore.

Every one in this Christian land has some warning given them and God has again made this a day of warning to us.  Will we not hear the Savior's loving voice today, "Come unto Me".  We believe if Brother Smitherman could speak to us his message would be "Prepare to meet thy God." May this Divine warning take hold on every soul and may many be raised up in eternity to thank God for this sad hour that called them from death unto life.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for their kindness and sympathy during our recent bereavement.
                Mrs. Sarah Smitherman